The Maldives’ official reserves saw an increase in November this year compared to October, according to data released by the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). Official reserves stood at US$581.2 million as of November, the central bank confirmed.

This reflect an increase of US$28.9 million, compared to the end of October when the reserves were at US$552.3 million.

While reserves increased in November 2023 over the previous month, reserves were lower compared to the same period in 2022 when the reserves stood at US$604.2 million at the end of November.

MMA broke down the nation’s reserves in US dollars per month as follows;

  • 790.0 million in January
  • 795.8 million in February
  • 764.6 million in March
  • 756.8 million in April
  • 748.2 million in May
  • 702.2 million in June
  • 594.1 million in July
  • 694.2 million in August
  • 592.7 million in September
  • 552.3 million in October
  • 581.2 million in November