The Ministry of Finance has announced the upcoming issuance of Treasury Bills (T-bills) totalling MVR 1.6 billion to cover government expenditure. These T-bills, offering a range of maturity dates, aim to provide flexibility for potential buyers.

The Finance Ministry revealed that four T-bills worth MVR 1.6 billion will be issued, each with varying maturity dates. This includes an MVR 983 million issue maturing in 28 days, an MVR 46 million issue maturing in 98 days, an MVR 269 million issue with an 182-day maturity, and another MVR 489 million issue maturing in 364 days.

Interest rates on these T-bills will range between 3.50 and 4.60 percent, according to the ministry. The Finance Ministry routinely issues T-bills to meet the state’s cash flow needs. These short-term debt instruments, typically purchased by pension funds, banks, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and private entities, play a crucial role in the government’s financial operations.