Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Meta, has been making waves with its innovative features. The latest buzz surrounds a yet-to-be-released feature called “Blend,” which could potentially transform the Reels experience for users.

The discovery of Blend was made by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who unveiled details about this intriguing feature. Blend appears to be designed to enhance Reels’ viewership by facilitating collaborative sharing between friends.

If Blend is launched, it would allow users to invite a friend, and Instagram’s algorithm would curate a personalised feed of Reels based on the viewing habits and previously shared clips of both users. This innovative concept draws parallels to Spotify’s Blend playlist, where music tastes of two individuals are combined into a unified soundtrack. However, in Instagram’s version, Reels interests would be merged into a tailored vertical video feed exclusively for the duo.

According to screenshots, these Blends would remain private between the two users, offering the flexibility to exit the shared Reel recommendation feed whenever desired. However, it remains unclear whether Blends would continuously update with fresh video suggestions or refresh on a predetermined schedule.

Despite the excitement surrounding Blend, Instagram has remained tight-lipped about specific details. As with most prototypes, there’s no guarantee that Blend will ultimately be launched to the public. Nonetheless, the potential of this feature to revolutionise the Reels experience has intrigued many users and industry observers alike.