Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, is delving further into the realm of wearable technology with reports emerging of the company exploring the development of earphones integrated with artificial intelligence capabilities. According to sources familiar with the matter, cited by The Information on Monday, Meta is considering equipping these earphones with cameras, indicative of the company’s ambition to blend AI seamlessly into everyday devices.

This move comes amidst a burgeoning interest in AI-based wearables across a spectrum of companies, ranging from nimble startups to established conglomerates like Meta. The potential for such devices to revolutionise how we interact with technology has captured the attention of innovators worldwide.

Dubbed “Camerabuds,” the project under consideration by Meta aims to imbue these earphones with advanced functionalities, such as object recognition and real-time translation of foreign languages. If realised, these features could significantly enhance user experiences, particularly in scenarios where seamless communication and information processing are paramount.

Meta’s foray into AI-powered wearables isn’t new. Last September, the tech giant unveiled its latest iteration of smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban, priced at US$299. These glasses boasted integrated AI capabilities, enabling users to receive contextual information about objects within their field of vision. The success of this venture likely emboldened Meta to further explore the integration of AI into wearable devices.

As of now, Meta has yet to officially comment on the reported developments. However, if Meta’s past ventures are any indication, the potential introduction of AI-enabled earphones could mark another significant stride towards realising the company’s vision of seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into everyday life.