Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched a scathing criticism against rival company Apple and its newly released Vision Pro headset. In a video, Zuckerberg directly compared Apple’s offering to Meta’s own mixed reality headset, the Quest 3, asserting that Meta’s product is “the best, period.”

The Vision Pro headset, which garnered attention as celebrities like Diplo and T-Pain were spotted wearing it in public, features a “passthrough” feature that allows users to see their surroundings while using the device. This feature, common among recent mixed reality headsets, utilizes cameras on the headset to provide users with a live, high-definition video feed of their environment.

Despite the praise for Apple’s Vision Pro, Zuckerberg expressed frustration that Meta’s Quest 3, which also incorporates passthrough technology, was not receiving equal recognition. He emphasized that the Quest 3 offers superior value for money, citing its lower price point and various features such as wireless mobility and comfort.

Zuckerberg’s remarks come as some users have started to voice concerns about the physical trade-offs associated with the Vision Pro, prompting discussions about returning the device. While acknowledging some advantages of Apple’s headset, such as higher resolution and eye-tracking capabilities, Zuckerberg highlighted what he perceives as significant drawbacks compared to the Quest 3.

In addition to promoting the Quest 3’s features, Zuckerberg criticised what he referred to as “fanboys” who blindly support Apple’s closed model of computing. He argued that Meta’s approach, which favours openness and accessibility, will prevail in the next generation of computing.

The rivalry between Meta and Apple underscores the competition in the burgeoning mixed reality market, where both companies are vying for dominance. As Zuckerberg continues to champion Meta’s vision for open computing, the battle for supremacy in the mixed reality space is set to intensify, with consumers ultimately determining the success of each company’s offerings.