In a landmark move towards inclusivity in gaming, Microsoft has unveiled a groundbreaking customisable Xbox controller tailored for gamers with physical disabilities. Developed in collaboration with ByoWave as part of the esteemed Designed for Xbox programme, the wireless controller, dubbed ‘Proteus’, represents a significant leap forward in accessible gaming technology.

The Proteus is not just a controller but a versatile video game controller kit, boasting an innovative ‘snap and play’ design that allows for easy customisation. With more than 100 million possible configurations and LED lighting variations, gamers have unparalleled freedom to personalise their gaming experience.

Designed for one-handed usage, the Proteus features a series of small cubes housing buttons, a directional pad, and analogue sticks. Microsoft emphasises the controller’s adaptability, enabling gamers to remap buttons through a companion app, ensuring a tailored experience that suits individual needs and preferences.

The comprehensive Proteus kit comes equipped with essential accessories, including a USB-C charging cable and a Bluetooth dongle for seamless connectivity. Additionally, it includes two large one-button peripherals and left and right handles, enhancing accessibility and comfort during gameplay sessions.

Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility in gaming is further underscored by the Proteus controller’s launch, offering gamers with physical disabilities the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the gaming world. With its innovative design and customisable features, the Proteus heralds a new era of inclusivity and empowerment in the gaming community.