While audiophiles have long awaited Spotify’s foray into lossless audio streaming, the timeline for its arrival has remained shrouded in mystery. Recent developments, however, suggest a significant step forward in this endeavour.

Initially dubbed ‘Spotify HiFi’, the promise of lossless audio was speculated to be tethered to a premium tier labeled “Supremium”. Yet, a twist in the tale emerges from a recent report by The Verge, indicating a shift in Spotify’s strategy. The latest revelation points towards a new add-on named ‘Music Pro’ as the vessel for delivering lossless audio experiences.

Code excavated from the depths of recent Spotify Android app versions, unearthed by a vigilant Reddit user under the pseudonym ‘Hypixely’, sheds light on this transition. Among the lines of code lies a declaration – “lossless has arrived” – signalling a long-awaited milestone. Additionally, references to support for FLAC files up to 24-bit/44.1kHz further solidify the impending arrival of high-fidelity audio.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. Alongside lossless audio, the ‘Music Pro’ subscription promises innovative features, including TikTok-inspired remix capabilities. Users will have the power to manipulate song tempo and explore a plethora of creative avenues. Furthermore, Spotify is crafting a proprietary headphone optimisation feature, leveraging patented technology to elevate audio quality. Notably, this enhancement will exclusively cater to select headphone models, with Apple AirPods among the mentioned compatible devices.

Just last week, Spotify unveiled an AI-powered playlist creation feature, empowering users to curate personalised playlists through text prompts. However, whether these AI-driven functionalities will be bundled into the ‘Music Pro’ subscription remains ambiguous.

As the curtain gradually rises on Spotify’s evolution, the emergence of ‘Music Pro’ signifies a decisive stride towards fulfilling the desires of discerning music enthusiasts clamouring for uncompromised audio fidelity. With anticipation mounting, all eyes remain fixated on Spotify’s next move in its relentless pursuit of sonic perfection.