In a move to attract and retain content creators, Twitter unveiled a new revenue-sharing programme on Thursday, allowing eligible users to earn a portion of the advertising revenue generated by their replies. The social media platform aims to empower creators and provide them with financial incentives for their contributions.

Under the revenue-sharing programme, verified users with at least five-million impressions on their posts in each of the last three months will be eligible to participate. Additionally, content creators must have a Stripe payment account to receive their share of the advertising revenue generated by ads displayed within their replies.

Twitter’s latest initiative comes as part of its broader strategy to bolster its creator ecosystem. Earlier this year, the company introduced paid subscriptions, enabling users to monetise their content by offering exclusive access to subscribers. Notably, Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in October, has pledged to pass on the entire subscription revenue to creators in the first year, excluding payment gateway charges.

By implementing revenue-sharing programs and subscription offerings, Twitter aims to attract and retain content creators, fostering a thriving community of diverse voices and perspectives on its platform. These initiatives also provide an alternative revenue stream for creators, encouraging them to continue producing engaging content for their followers.

The move reflects Twitter’s commitment to remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving social media landscape, where platforms are increasingly vying for the attention and loyalty of content creators. By providing financial incentives and rewarding creators for their contributions, Twitter hopes to strengthen its position as a platform of choice for creators to engage with their audience and monetise their content.

As Twitter continues to explore new avenues to support its creator community, it remains to be seen how the revenue-sharing program will impact the platform’s user base and its overall appeal to content creators. The implementation of such initiatives demonstrates Twitter’s dedication to cultivating an environment where creators can thrive and be rewarded for their valuable contributions.