British High Commissioner Caron Röhsler has met with President-elect Mohamed Muizzu. The meeting, which took place at the president-elect’s residence on Wednesday, was the first with a diplomat since his 30 September election win.

Vice President-elect Hussain Mohamed Latheef also attended the meeting.

Muizzu had earlier said that many diplomats were requesting meetings during the ongoing transition period and offered reassurances that all such instances would go forward in accordance with legal and diplomatic etiquette.

Muizzu outlined his foreign policy as a ‘pro-Maldives’ policy. The policy will prioritise the Maldives’ national interests and he will maintain close relations with any country that recognises the nation’s position, Muizzu explained.

With the transition phase currently ongoing, Muizzu has already met with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

Muizzu defeated incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih by an eight percent margin in the second round runoff of the recent presidential elections and is expected to be sworn in as President on 17 November 2023.