The Parliament, in an extraordinary session convened to address outstanding legislative matters, is set to vote on President Mohamed Muizzu’s cabinet nominations. In a preemptive move, The Democrats have issued a three-line whip, signalling their opposition to endorsing specific nominations. This decision was communicated through a statement released before the parliamentary session.

The Democrats, in their statement, expressed concerns over several policies implemented by the Muizzu administration. The party underscored its commitment to the principles of political pluralism and a robust opposition, which they believe are essential to holding the government accountable and ensuring the enforcement of good governance.

“The mandate of the Parliament encompasses the oversight of governmental performance and the accountability of cabinet ministers. As a parliamentary group representing the opposition, we solemnly pledge to execute our responsibilities with the highest degree of responsibility and integrity. This unwavering commitment will steer our actions in endorsing cabinet ministers,” the Democrats affirmed in their statement.

While the party has opposed specific cabinet nominations, it has not yet disclosed the particular nominations it intends to challenge.

Despite issuing a three-line whip to oppose specific cabinet nominations, The Democrats are currently collaborating with the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to ensure government accountability. The two parties have committed to a collaborative approach for the remainder of the incumbent Parliament’s term.

The MDP parliamentary group is currently deliberating its stance on the endorsement of President Muizzu’s cabinet nominations, as confirmed by a party official to the Maldives Republic. The MDP is anticipated to issue a three-line whip per the decision reached at the parliamentary group meeting. Reports suggest the MDP might also consider imposing a three-line whip to oppose specific cabinet nominations.

The Parliament is scheduled to vote on the cabinet nomination endorsement at 1:30 p.m. today.