The Elections Commission (EC) said on Thursday that 285,219 ballot papers have been printed for Saturday’s presidential election. The ballot papers were prepared and printed by Novelty Printers & Publishers.

Speaking to local media, EC Vice President Ismail Habeeb said that everything leading up to the election was on schedule.

Ballot papers and other election paraphernalia have been delivered to most polling stations while officials will depart to the remaining polling stations, including those in the resorts, soon, Habeeb said.

According to EC, officials had left for London and Malaysia on Wednesday, 6 September, while those designated for India, Sri Lanka, and Abu Dhabi will leave on 7 September.

“We are sending chiefs and chief’s assistants. They will go and train the officials in the areas [polling stations],” Habeeb said.

International observers have also started arriving in Maldives since Wednesday, 6 September, with 165 observers, including 22 foreign media outlets, set to mointor the elections.

“They will be briefed on the procedures that will be followed during the election tonight [September 7],” Habeeb said.

Eight candidates will contest the initial 9 September round of the presidential elections, with 282,395 eligible to vote.