The Mohamed Muizzu administration has undertaken the substantial task of resuscitating numerous water supply and sewerage network projects previously initiated but left incomplete by the previous administration. This initiative is a response to the escalating public concern over the absence of adequate water supply and sewerage services across many inhabited islands.

Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr Abdulla Muththalib confirmed that the current administration is working towards resuming these stalled projects. “We found that the predominant concern of the local communities is the absence of adequate water supply and sewerage services. Currently, there are 102 islands without proper water supply and sewerage infrastructure,” he stated.

“Despite this, projects to address these issues have been initiated on all these islands [by the previous administration]. We are committed to completing these projects within the term of this administration or by the following year at the latest.”

Dr Muththalib disclosed that water supply and sewerage network projects had been completely halted on 27 islands. The administration has since engaged in discussions with the contractors and successfully recommenced projects on three islands, he said. Additionally, water supply and sewerage network projects have reached completion on six islands, have been tested, and are currently in the trial period on nine islands before being handed over to utility companies.

While the Muizzu administration has yet to launch any new projects to provide water supply and sewerage services on an island, it focuses on completing the projects initiated by the previous administration, with a target completion date set for the end of 2025.

The main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) previously alleged that the Muizzu administration had suspended infrastructure development projects initiated by the Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration. The MDP accused the Muizzu government of discontinuing ongoing projects, particularly those in the outer islands, since its inauguration in November 2023.

Muththalib categorically denied these accusations earlier and expressed the administration’s commitment to resuming work on stalled projects. He clarified that when the Muizzu government assumed office, 64 projects were either delayed or not progressing. Work has been restarted on 32 of these projects, he stated.