In a bid to strengthen international ties and facilitate ease of travel for its citizens, the Maldives has recently formalised visa waiver agreements with three countries: Togo, Honduras, and Andorra. 

These agreements were signed by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Khaleel, representing the Maldivian government in separate ceremonies held in New York, United States of America (USA).

Visa-Free Travel to Togo

In a mutual agreement signed with Togo, both countries have decided to exempt visas for their nationals for a period of up to 30 days. Ahmed Khaleel thanked the Togolese government for its commitment to enhancing bilateral relations. His counterpart, Robert Dussey, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad, expressed a keen interest in furthering cooperation and people-to-people contact between the two nations.

Honduras Offers Visa on Arrival

Another significant step in bilateral relations came with the signing of a visa waiver agreement with Honduras. Unlike the Togo agreement, this particular accord allows Maldivians and Hondurans to obtain a visa on arrival, thereby eliminating the need for securing a visa in advance. This convenience is applicable for stays lasting up to 30 days. State Minister Khaleel expressed optimism that the agreement would serve to deepen ties across various sectors between Honduras and the Maldives.

Extended Stay in Andorra

An agreement with Andorra was also inked, providing an exemption for visas for either single or multiple entries for nationals of both countries for a period of 90 days. Minister Khaleel conveyed his gratitude to Imma Tor Faus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, for strengthening the existing friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Increasing Avenues for Cooperation

In all three agreements, the focus was not just on ease of travel but also on fostering greater avenues for cooperation and people-to-people contact. Each signing ceremony was accompanied by discussions that underscored the importance of bilateral ties and mutual interests.

They are expected to facilitate tourism, business, and cultural exchanges between the Maldives and these countries, potentially benefiting various sectors of each nation’s economy.