The Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services has introduced a digital registry of child sex offenders aimed at enhancing child protection and public safety.

The registry, first introduced in 2018, had been plagued by irregular updates and accessibility issues. With the new online system, the public can now view comprehensive profiles of child sex offenders, including details of their offences and the end dates of their sentences.

“The launch of the digital platform is a significant initiative to protect victims of child abuse and their families,” said Aishath Mohamed Didi, the Minister of Gender, Family, and Social Services.

The digitalisation of the child sex offender registry is part of the administration’s broader commitment to safeguarding children from discrimination, bias, harm, cruel punishment, neglect, and physical and emotional abuse.

The online publication of the registry, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services and the Prosecutor General’s Office, was carried out under Article 57 of the Special Provisions Act to Deal with Child Sex Abuse Offenders. This act mandates the CFPS to publish an offender registry for the safety and protection of citizens and to eliminate the possibility of repeat offences.