President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has initiated an intensive door-to-door campaign in Male’ City, focusing his efforts on the impending runoff of the presidential election scheduled for 30 September. In light of trailing behind Dr Mohamed Muizzu in the first round of voting, President Solih’s grassroots approach aims to secure a landslide win by directly engaging with the electorate.

President Solih, representing the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), began his door-to-door campaign on Sunday with visits to households in the Maafannu and Mahchangolhi districts. The party has indicated that Male’ City will be the epicentre of President Solih’s campaign efforts, with door-to-door visits planned for every evening leading up to the runoff.

The MDP faces an uphill battle, given the first-round results. Muizzu, the candidate for the opposition PPM-PNC, secured 46 percent of the votes, amounting to 101,613 ballots cast in his favour. President Solih trailed with 39 percent or 86,161 votes.

However, Solih remains optimistic, saying he can turn the tide in the runoff by addressing the issues identified from the first round. According to the President, the MDP has conducted surveys and formulated a new strategy to mobilise a larger voter turnout.

In a parallel campaign, First Lady Fazna Ahmed has also been undertaking door-to-door visits, not just in Male’ but also in the regions of Villimale’ and Hulhumale’. Her efforts serve to fortify the President’s campaign strategy, providing a comprehensive reach to households across different districts.

President Solih’s door-to-door campaign strategy symbolises the MDP’s efforts to directly engage with the populace and make a comeback in the second round. With high-profile support and parallel campaigning by the First Lady, President Solih is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to secure a win in the upcoming runoff election.