President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed confidence that a united front with The Democrats will secure him a landslide victory over Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the opposition candidate representing the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the People’s National Congress (PNC).

Addressing a campaign rally in Thinadhoo City on Wednesday, President Solih acknowledged the challenges his campaign faced due to internal divisions within the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Despite a less-than-ideal performance in the first round—garnering only 39% of the votes compared to Muizzu’s 46%—Solih remains optimistic. “If we look at the total votes, we will have more votes than PPM if MDP and Democrats unite,” he stated, adding that uniting the parties would result in a majority win on most islands.

The president also took the opportunity to rebuff allegations against his administration. He firmly denied signing any agreements that would compromise the Maldives’ independence or allowing foreign soldiers to operate within the country.

Early this week, President Solih touched upon the subject of a constitutional referendum aimed at changing the governance system from presidential to parliamentary. He pointed out that many Democrats had advocated for such a change, further highlighting possible avenues for unity between the MDP and The Democrats.

With none of the candidates securing an outright win in the first round, the Maldives is gearing up for a highly contentious runoff election. President Solih, now more than ever, is keen on building a strong, united front to challenge Muizzu, whose party is buoyed by its first-round performance. The incumbent president believes that through unity and robust support from influential council members, he can overturn the odds and secure a second term on Saturday, 30 September.