The Addu City Council has decided to allocate land plots to all applicants who fulfilled the eligibility criteria for the initially announced 1,000 plots across various districts of Addu City in Seenu Atoll. The provisional list of beneficiaries was released on Thursday.

The initial plan was to provide 1,000 plots. However, an additional 3,000 plots have now been designated to ensure the inclusion of all eligible applicants.

Mayor Ali Nizar earlier said that 3,972 out of the 4,160 total applications were eligible and that the council is now open to complaints from the 188 applicants deemed ineligible. Upon clearing of the complaints, 4,000 plots are expected to be allocated, he said.

“Addu City is awarding plots because it has land. There is no issue with awarding 4,000 plots,” Nizar said, adding that he was confident the plots would be issued before the current presidential term ends.

Nizar said the land use plan for the remaining area, after allocations were awarded, will be announced within the coming month.

Applications for an initial 1,000 plots were opened in February; with 500 plots in Hithadhoo, 300 plots in Feydhoo and 100 plots each in Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo.

While the government’s dredging project for reclamation of land in Addu is currently ongoing, the additional plot allocations will prioritise youth who are unmarried.

Several housing and land allocations are being made across the country as the current presidential term nears its end with the nation heading to the polls on 9 September to vote for a new presidential term.