Torrential rains over the past 24 hours have caused extensive flooding in parts of Addu City in the south, damaging 40 homes, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

The most severe damage was recorded on Feydhoo Island, where floodwaters entered 40 homes, causing significant property damage. Residents of five households had to be relocated, according to the NDMA, while residents of two households were taken into temporary shelters. The remaining affected residents sought refuge in the homes of relatives.

Ali Nizar, the mayor of Addu City, confirmed to a local media outlet that all parts of the city experienced heavy rainfall on Friday. He noted that the flooding was most severe on Feydhoo Island, where floodwaters caused extensive property damage.

“Floodwaters necessitated the relocation of residents from two houses [on Feydhoo Island], while four households experienced significant flooding,” Nizar said.

The Maldives Meteorological Service reported that 167.7 millimetres of rain fell on parts of Addu City on Friday, marking the highest rainfall recorded in the city so far this year. The meteorological services issued an alert warning of severe weather conditions and heavy rains in Addu City and other southern parts over the weekend.

The Met office forecasts heavy rainfall in central parts of the country, with rain also expected in the northern regions.

The highest rainfall ever recorded in Addu City was in 2015, with 228 millimetres of rain.