Water supply has resumed in the connected island districts of Addu City after a three-day interruption. A second replacement variable frequency drive (VFD), with the initial replacement having also failed, was flown in from Malé.

While the water outage was initially due to a problem with the reverse osmosis (RO) plant’s VFD, Fenaka has now resolved the issue with the replacement part and running water was restored to the connected island districts of Addu on Saturday night.

The water supply to Addu, with a population of about 20,500, was cut off due to the lack of regular maintenance of the water plant, a statement by Fenaka corporation explained.

The water supply interruption in Addu has been caused by the lack of priority in carrying out the scheduled repairs and the failure to comply with the timeline given by the Utility Regulatory Authority.

Translated excerpt from a statement by Fenaka Corporation

The entire water supply service had to be suspended shortly after the problem occurred due to insufficient water stock, the company said. As such, the work of increasing water storage has now been initiated with a view to prevent future outages.

Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) provided the replacement VFD and technical assistance to resolve the issue, Fenaka said.