The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has begun the allocation of land plots under the ‘Binveriya’ Housing Scheme.

Draws are being conducted at the National Stadium to assign land plots from Hulhumalé and Gulhifalhu, and the process will continue throughout the week.

A total of 19,631 individuals are eligible in the final list for the ‘Binveriyaa’ Housing Scheme. Among them, 18,948 will be granted one of the 9,003 available land plots. The final list was published on Sunday after a review of the preliminary list and consideration of complaints.

Starting from Tuesday evening, Urbanco will begin marking the plots for the beneficiaries who are allocated plots in Hulhumale. A total of 26 hectares of land, consisting of 1,351 plots, are allocated in Hulhumale.

A further 42 hectares comprising 2,219 plots in Gulhifalhu, and 73 hectares comprising 4,433 plots will be awarded once these areas are reclaimed and developed. Additionally, seven hectares for 683 plots are reserved as “live” plots.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is dedicated to addressing housing challenges in the greater Malé region. The ‘Binveriyaa’ Housing Scheme stands as the most extensive housing initiative in the country, reflecting the administration’s commitment to resolving the issue. 

While the plots are being allocated in conjunction with the Presidential Elections, the opposition has criticised this move as a campaign strategy. Housing has been a prominent topic on the agendas of most candidates. Both Dr Mohamed Muizzu (PPM/PNC candidate) and Qasim Ibrahim (JP candidate) have affirmed that if elected, they would not revoke the plots awarded by the current government.