The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has launched an online portal designed to manage the recruitment of civil servants and put the entire recruitment processes online. The portal named ‘E-Recruitment Module’ was launched at a special event by Minister of Health Abdulla Khaleel.

Speaking at the launch, President of the CSC Mohamed Nasih said the civil service had been facing many challenges in the recruitment process for 15 years. However, the Commission is always working to expand and develop its work with the limited resources available, he said. Nasih said the module will overcome such challenges and facilitate the development of the commission’s services relating to civil service employees as well as the selection of candidates for civil service posts.

The CSC president stated that the recruitment and appointment process for civil service jobs, from the announcement of a position to the selection and appointment of the most qualified person, is still done manually and involves the use of hard copies. As such, agencies sometimes discover errors in documents and often face the need to cancel job postings, leading to the loss of valuable man-hours, he explained.

Nasih further said that, with this module, the common errors by agencies in the recruitment and appointment processes will also be reduced — as will mistakes made by the agencies in the manual preparation of the advertisement and the evaluations done to identify the most qualified candidate for the job.

The Civil Service Commission said the module will be further developed in the future to introduce new features such as examination and interview panel formation.