The Elections Commission (EC) has gazetted the final voters list for the September presidential election with 282,395 eligible to vote – 27,000 of whom will be voting for the first time.

In a social media post, EC Deputy Commissioner Ismail Habeeb stated that, going forward, the list would not be changed barring a court order, while urging voters to verify their individual polling stations.

The final number of polling stations now stands at 574; with 176 in greater Malé, 309 across the atolls, 81 on resort islands, and eight across five countries overseas.

If no single candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote on 9 September, a runoff will be held on September 30, with only the top two from the first round contesting.

A record eight candidates are contesting the initial round of the presidential elections on 9 September; a historic first for the nation.