The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has obtained the required number of signatures to proceed with the impeachment of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. The MDP parliamentary group announced their decision to pursue Nasheed’s ouster, expressing concern over his decisions in recent parliamentary proceedings, which many members believe is impeding the smooth functioning of parliament.

During a parliamentary group meeting, 36 MDP members expressed their support for the impeachment, solidifying the party’s stance against Speaker Nasheed. With the addition of further signatures, the tally has now reached 44, surpassing the minimum required threshold to remove the Speaker. MP Roxeyna Adam, Deputy Leader of the MDP parliamentary group, confirmed it via a tweet.

Insiders familiar with the matter have revealed that the final count of signatures is expected to exceed 50, indicating a significant level of support within the parliament for Nasheed’s removal. The MDP parliamentary group is currently preparing the case for submission in line with the parliamentary rules of procedure, which states that the Speaker and Vice-Speaker can be removed by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

MP Mohamed Aslam, leader of the MDP parliamentary group, voiced concern over Nasheed’s conduct, asserting that he is acting arbitrarily and interpreting rules in his favour. Aslam argued that Nasheed’s actions as the Speaker are not only illegal but also contradict the fundamental principle of the Speaker’s role as the guardian of parliamentary rules.

Drawing attention to the recent no-confidence motion filed by Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, Aslam likened the situation to a circus, where established rules are disregarded. While acknowledging Nasheed’s prior contributions to democracy and reform, Aslam claimed that the Speaker has deviated from those principles, engaging in undemocratic actions and violating laws and regulations for personal gain.

The administrative procedures for submitting the no-confidence motion against Speaker Nasheed are currently in progress, with MPs continuing to endorse the motion through their signatures. The MDP aims to swiftly present the motion to the parliament, signalling their commitment to removing Nasheed from his position.

In parallel, the parliament has scheduled a vote on a separate no-confidence motion against Vice-Speaker Eva Abdulla. Following her departure from the MDP, along with Speaker Nasheed’s loyalists, formed a new political party challenging President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the upcoming presidential election. The scheduled vote on the motion against Eva is slated to take place on the 11th of this month.