The European Union (EU)’s Election Observation Mission (EOM), deployed to the Maldives to monitor the Presidential Elections on 9 September, has dismissed former President Mohamed Nasheed’s plea to transfer the incarcerated former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to house arrest.

Earlier this week, Nasheed met with the EOM and implored their assistance in relocating Yameen to house arrest, aiming to ensure the impartiality of the upcoming presidential elections.

Briefing press on the EOM’s seven-day visit to the Maldives, Chief Observer Nacho Sánchez Amor, Member of the European Parliament, elucidated that the EOM’s explicit task was to observe the elections. 

He highlighted that Nasheed had been informed that the EOM’s mandate was limited to observing the electoral process, refraining from commentating on or interfering in ongoing judicial proceedings.

The delegation also underscored their intention to abstain from making remarks regarding the internal politics of the nation.

Elaborating on the EOM’s activities, Amor underscored that this year’s election would witness the most extensive deployment of such a mission from the EU in the Maldives. He disclosed that during their visit, the EOM held discussions with relevant stakeholders, including governmental bodies, political parties, civil society representatives, and the press.

The EOM exhorted all parties involved to uphold democratic principles throughout the campaign, voting process, and the post-election period. 

Upon the completion of their observations, the mission will release a conclusive report detailing their findings.