Ahmed Faris Maumoon, an independent candidate in the upcoming presidential election, has issued a public apology for the injustices and sufferings endured by the people during his father Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s three-decade-long rule. This move comes in response to widespread public outcry regarding the atrocities committed during that era, marking a stark departure from Faris’s previous stance.

In a brief video message posted on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Faris acknowledged the veracity of claims that many individuals had suffered injustices and heartache during his father’s rule. He expressed remorse for the lingering pain that continues to haunt those who were affected.

Furthermore, Faris expressed regret for his earlier statements denying any injustices during the Gayoom regime. In his video message, Faris pledged to ensure that such instances do not recur if he ascends to power.

Former President Gayoom had previously issued an apology in 2008 during his final address to the nation, expressing remorse for any injustices inflicted upon citizens during his tenure. However, despite this apology, the former President did not explicitly admit to having committed any injustices or caused pain to anyone during his rule, a point that continues to be a subject of debate and contention.