Less than a week after the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) endorsed its choice for the presidential bid, former President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has announced his resignation from the party.

In a statement released on X (formerly Twitter), Waheed expressed sadness regarding his decision to resign, noting his initial goal of ensuring national stability and continuing the development projects he initiated.

He explained that his decision to join PPM was motivated by his commitment to ensuring national stability and promoting progress in the Maldives. While he acknowledged witnessing the successful implementation of several plans he had laid out over the years, he also recognised the need for further efforts to enhance the nation’s prosperity, stabilise its economy, and strengthen its democratic processes.

Waheed resigned from his role as a Special Adviser and Member of PPM, expressing his belief that his skills, experience, and knowledge could be more effectively employed within an environment characterised by stability, integrity, and honesty. He maintained that such an environment is essential to contribute to the collective success of all Maldivians.

Just before the deadline for submitting candidacy for the 9 September elections, Waheed submitted papers to obtain his criminal record status. However, PPM opted to endorse the candidate from its coalition partner PNC, Dr Mohamed Muizz.

Waheed, who served as the Vice-President under former President Mohamed Nasheed, assumed the presidency following Nasheed’s resignation, becoming the fifth president of the Maldives.