Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) fuel stations at Kooddoo Island in Gaafu Alifu (GA) Atoll, which hosts the main cold storage facility of the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) with the capacity to freeze 350 metric tonnes of fish in 24 hours, have increased their fuel pumping capacity by five times.0.1

More fishing boats can now be assured of refuelling at Kooddoo faster, addressing concerns regarding the long waiting periods while refuelling at Kooddoo port.

FSM have scrapped the use of 30 litres-per-minute pumps in favour of 160 litres-per-minute pumps at the Kooddoo fuel stations. The administration noted that the change will allow even the largest fishing boats to refuel in approximately 15 minutes.

FSM, the state-owned enterprise which currently operates the fuel stations at Kooddoo, said the company’s management under the previous administration had not done much to develop and upgrade the fuel stations in recent days and that lack of maintenance was also a factor in longer refuel times.

FSM said the current administration has made several efforts to expedite services since President Mohamed Muizzu took office, adding that his administration had also decided to develop fuel storage in Kooddoo and improve the quality of service going forward.