The Ministry of Homeland Security and Technology has issued notice to employers to settle, within two weeks, more than MVR 1.7 billion outstanding associated with expatriate worker permits.

The Ministry gazetted the notice on Tuesday highlighting that a large number of employers have not paid fees and penalties due under the Employment Act (2/2008) and the Regulation on Employment of Foreigners in the Maldives (2021/R-16).

These include amounts outstanding in excess of MVR 1.7 billion owed to the state for the 102,807 foreign workers registered under 10,619 employers.

Employers have been directed to pay all dues, including fees and penalties, before 18 June 2024.

Those who fail to make payment by the deadline may face penalties including;

  • Public listing of non-payments
  • Suspension through the expat system
  • Suspension in the issuance of new permits

Employers have been advised to contact the Ministry for further information via hotline at 1500 or email at

The Ministry is currently reviewing procedures, including rules and regulations, on expatriate workers, and as a result, the issuance of quotas, work permits, deposit refunds, and other service requests to bring in workers may be delayed beyond the normal service period, according to the announcement.

“As such, we apologise for the inconvenience caused to the service recipients,” the Ministry said, adding that it is working to complete the service requests as soon as possible.

In his address on Labour Day, President Muizzu noted that issues with illegal immigrants engaging in local business and trade can only be addressed by log-term enforcement initiatives.