The current administration, even as Parliament has already passed a resolution calling for a ban on entry into the Maldives for Israeli passport holders, has once again failed to provide definitive clarification on official policy regarding the matter.

The Parliamentary resolution on 1 April, in response to the Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian lands and genocidal war crimes, called for a ban on Israeli citizens entering the country, a ban on imports of Israeli origin, and an immediate cessation of all relations between Israel and the Maldives.

The administration’s Chief Spokesperson Heena Waleed, when asked about the administration’s policy on Israeli citizens’ entry to the country—during a press conference at the President’s Office on Monday—sidestepped the question by speaking on the administration’s commitment to “defend the people of Palestine” and to do whatever is necessary to protect the rights of Palestinians.

When asked again, Waleed reiterated that the administration would take whatever stand was needed for the sake of the Palestinian people; adding that the administration was considering what needs to be done.

While successive administrations have consistently pledged to ensure that the rights of the Palestinian people are not violated, what currently still remains unclear has been the administration’s stance on allowing entry, into the Maldives, of Israeli nationals.