The government has announced its intention to implement a comprehensive ‘waiting list’ system to enhance the allocation of social housing. This approach was unveiled by Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed, the Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development, during a meeting of the Parliament Petitions Committee held Monday.

The proposed system, a departure from the conventional practice of announcing individual housing schemes, aims to maintain an up-to-date list of individuals in urgent need of social housing. This dynamic list will reflect the individuals’ evolving living conditions and circumstances, thereby enabling the government to prioritise allocations based on the severity of need, the minister stated.

“This way, we can quickly determine who needs social housing the most. Then, we can get them housed faster,” Ahmed said. He further highlighted that this streamlined approach would obviate the need for the government to announce and launch a new portal for each housing scheme, thereby simplifying the process.

He added that this progressive approach to social housing allocation represents a significant stride towards ensuring that assistance is directed towards those who need it most, thereby enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the process.

The minister assured that additional details about the strategy would be forthcoming as the development of the waiting list progresses. He also noted that the government is adhering to the guidance and recommendations of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), which is currently examining the allocation process of the previous administration’s flat scheme.

Any decision regarding potential amendments to the list of recipients compiled by the previous administration will be made upon the conclusion of the ACC investigation, the minister clarified.