Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Ali Haidar Ahmed has issued a letter of assurance to beneficiaries of the Binveriya Housing Scheme guaranteeing them that their land will be handed over.

The document signed by Minister Ahmed, and delivered through the Hiyaa Vehi Portal, states that land will be handed over to beneficiaries as per their registry of land and the land acquisition document — the documents being issued regarding the land includes the beneficiaries, the size of the land, and the plot number.

The minister’s letter states that the ministry will be legally bound to provide plots, even to those who have not yet been handed over their land registry, where beneficiaries have received the title deed and signed the accompanying affidavit. The administration will therefore respect the provisions of the document and act accordingly, the letter confirmed.

The ministry had previously decided to reallocate some of the land after making changes to the land use plans of the area where the land was allocated. However, the ministry has now also opened up the opportunity for those issued the initial 1,347 plots of land under the Binveriya Scheme to reallocate plots to Gulhifalhu, via the Hiyaavahi Portal, should they wish to do so.

The land use plan was amended to include land for essential services, the ministry said, clarifying that plots had to be reallocated since, pursuant to identifying land for essential services, there was not enough land that could be issued to beneficiaries.

With the new land use plan now released, land will be allocated from the additional 85 hectares of land, as promised by President Mohamed Muizzu during the launch of the Ras Malé project, that is to be added to Gulhifalhu.