India has provided details on recent developments regarding its financial aid and military cooperation with the Maldives, suggesting that the strained ties between the two nations may be on the mend. During India’s Ministry of External Affairs’ weekly press briefing, Official Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal addressed the media’s concerns regarding the adjustment in financial aid to the Maldives and the status of Indian troops in the country.

Following a question about the perceived reduction in India’s budget allocation to the Maldives, Jaiswal corrected this perception stating that the financial aid has, in fact, increased from the initially projected INR 600 crores (US$72.3 million) to INR 779 crores (US$ 93.8 million). He noted that this revision reflects India’s commitment to remain a significant development partner to the Maldives, addressing the speculative reports with factual budgetary adjustments.

The briefing also touched on the military cooperation between the two nations, following the recent core level meeting between India and Maldives. Jaiswal clarified that the Indian military personnel in Maldives would be replaced by “competent Indian technical personnel,” subtly addressing President Muizzu’s comments on the withdrawal of Indian troops and shifting the narrative towards technical assistance rather than military presence.

This discourse reveals India’s strategic approach in bolstering its partnership with Maldives through increased financial aid and by providing essential services such as humanitarian and medical evacuation support. With plans for further discussions in the upcoming High Level Core Group meeting in Male’, the two nations demonstrate their commitment to enhancing their bilateral relationship amid growing political tension.