International observers have praised the organisation and peaceful execution of the 2024 parliamentary elections, overseen by the Elections Commission (EC). The election, which resulted in the People’s National Congress (PNC) securing a dominant majority, was monitored by 19 officials from nine countries.

Chief observer Dr Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi described the election arrangements as exemplary on an international scale, noting the smooth operation from polling to the conclusion of vote counting. Voting was held from 8 a.m. to 5:30 pm, with all ballot boxes counted by 9 p.m. without any disturbances reported.

The observers highlighted several positive aspects of the election process. They commended the high level of professionalism displayed by polling station officials, the efficient use of technology, and the inclusive arrangements that allowed Maldivians residing overseas to vote. Notably, electronic tablets were used to swiftly verify voter details, expediting the voting process.

“It is delightful to see that 90% of the elections officials were women,” remarked the chair of the observers team, who also noted that vote counting commenced immediately after polls closed and was conducted peacefully. The use of fans in waiting areas was mentioned as a thoughtful provision for voter comfort.

Additionally, the observers lauded the absence of any notable confrontations or commotions during the election. The re-registration efforts and voter turnout, which stood at 75 percent — a record low yet considered relatively strong — were also praised.

Overall, the international delegation regarded the conduct of the Maldives 2024 parliamentary elections as a model of effective electoral management and civility.