The Japanese government will help improve the Maldives’ broadcast infrastructure via a grant aid project valued at JP¥326 million (approximately US$3.5 million). Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer and Japan’s Ambassador to the Maldives Takeuchi Midori signed the agreement on Thursday during an event held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) project aims to bridge the gap between different islands in the Maldives in terms of access to information.

In statement, the Foreign Ministry highlighted that immense importance of the project for the Maldives, stating that “The project’s impact is expected to be far reaching, not only bolstering communication infrastructure but also resilience against climate change and disasters.” The additional funding will enable the continuation of the project’s original scope, contributing significantly to its successful realisation, the ministry said.

At the signing ceremony, Foreign Minister Zameer said that the Maldives would work to further strengthen relations with Japan, highlighting the nation’s role as an important partner in the Maldives’ socioeconomic development.