President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the candidate from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)-led coalition, has declared that the vision laid out in the 2018 campaign manifesto of ‘Jazeera Raajje’ has materialised.

Addressing supporters in Hithaadhoo of Baa Atoll, President Solih emphasised that the progress achieved during his term was clearly evident in his visits to the islands.

He highlighted that the MDP never enters an election without well-founded policies and achievable plans. These plans are designed to comprehensively address the concerns of citizens.

He said the concept of “Jazeera Raajje,” characterised by sustainable development rooted in the essence of content island living, has been realised through the developmental efforts of his current term. These initiatives were tailored to cater to the distinctive needs of citizens, deeply influenced by the Maldivian way of life.

President Solih said that if elected, his next term aims to establish a content and peaceful Maldives, while also enhancing the quality of life for the nation’s residents.

He acknowledged that island livelihoods have improved with the introduction of new initiatives complemented by proper infrastructure. He pointed out that the expansion of local tourism to inhabited islands has led to significant development within these islands.

President Solih outlined that if elected for the next five years, his focus would be on facilitating the appropriate mechanisms for nurturing these new opportunities within the islands. To that end, he pledged to enhance investment prospects and facilitate micro-financing options.

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)-led coalition has introduced three sections of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s “Happy, Peaceful Maldives” manifesto. The second-term plans are founded on the core principles of contented living, fostering a harmonious society, nurturing a new generation of youth, revitalising the economy, and ensuring effective governance.