In an incident straight out of a film script, two men who stole a motorcycle and then snatched a handbag from a tourist met with poetic justice on Lily Magu near the Dhivehi Insurance office on Sunday evening.

According to the Maldives Police Service, a two-vehicle collision on Lily Magu was reported at 7:02 p.m., just minutes after the robbery and theft had taken place. Police are still investigating the case but have revealed that one of the motorcycles involved in the accident had been driven by the robbers.

A witness said that another man had been hot on the heels of the perpetrators, chasing them down Orchid Road on a motorcycle. The ill-fated thieves had barely managed to snatch the handbag from a tourist walking down Lily Magu when they were intercepted by the man in pursuit near the Dhivehi Insurance office.

The irony of karma seemed to be at play as the two men lost control and tumbled off the stolen motorcycle. One of the men sustained serious injuries in the fall while the other took to his heels, leaving his injured accomplice behind.

Police attended the scene promptly, and the injured man was taken to hospital. His condition remains unclear at this time. The second man, who fled the scene, is still unknown and at large.