Hugo Yue-Ho Yon has become the first resident ambassador of the United States of America (U.S.) to the Republic of Maldives. Yon presented his Letter of Credence, confirming his role, to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the President’s Office on Wednesday, 6 September.

This will be the first time the U.S. has had a resident ambassador and an embassy in the Maldives — diplomatic relations were established between the two countries in 1965. Most recently, before Yon’s posting, the U.S. embassy in Sri Lanka was the main point of diplomatic contact for the Maldives.

Following Yon’s appointment, President Solih described the establishment of a U.S. embassy in the Maldives and the reopening of the Maldives Embassy in Washington, D.C. as a momentous occasion and an expansion of the partnership between the Maldives and the U.S.

During the meeting, Ambassador Yon expressed his eagerness to build on bilateral relations between the U.S. and Maldives, specifically highlighting efforts towards climate change impacts and building resilience, the President’s Office said.