The Maldives government on Tuesday acknowledged the complexities involved in the repatriation of Indian troops stationed in the Maldives, emphasising the diplomatic and legal nuances of the process. 

Public Policy Secretary Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, during a press conference at the President’s Office, highlighted the government’s commitment to this sensitive issue, despite the inherent challenges.

“We are dedicated to fulfilling our pledge, fully aware of the difficulties and the need to adhere to diplomatic norms and legal parameters,” Nazim stated, affirming the government’s position on the matter.

The presence of 88 Indian military personnel in the Maldives has been confirmed, marking a slight revision from the previously reported figures. This ongoing issue has prompted 10 high-level meetings since President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s inauguration, reflecting the government’s proactive approach to resolving the matter.

Nazim underlined the significance of the troop presence, describing it as a major concern for the Maldivian people and a critical policy issue for President Muizzu’s administration. “This matter is of great concern to our citizens and is one of the most important policies of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu,” he asserted.

The government’s efforts towards the removal of Indian troops have been marked by important progress, as noted by the cabinet. These efforts are in line with the administration’s promise to address national security concerns and maintain sovereignty, a key element of President Muizzu’s campaign platform.

The development comes amidst heightened scrutiny and public concern over the matter. Nazim assured the public that the government is prioritising the issue and is working diligently towards the removal of the Indian troops, requesting the people’s patience and trust in this delicate and complex diplomatic endeavour.