The Maldives government has issued a strongly worded statement condemning the ongoing Israeli military aggression against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. The government denounces Israel’s directive to relocate 1.2 million civilians in northern Gaza to its south within 24 hours, labelling it a “war crime of forcible transfer.”

“The indiscriminate attacks are already claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent civilian Palestinians, including women and children, and wounding thousands more,” reads the statement. The Maldivian government also highlights the destruction of critical infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, United Nations facilities, residential buildings, and places of worship, terming it as a “blatant disregard and violation of international humanitarian law, tantamount to a war crime.”

This statement comes on the heels of a week of events being held by the Maldivian people to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause. On Friday, thousands of people took to the streets of the capital, Malé, and several other islands across the country to demonstrate solidarity with Palestine and condemn Israel’s ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip, which have so far killed over 2,200 people, mostly children and women, and wounded at least 8,700.

Over the weekend, the International Aid Campaign (IAC) successfully initiated a telethon in collaboration with local media. A silent protest is also scheduled for Saturday night at Malé’s Artificial Beach.

The Maldives calls on the international community to “use all possible measures to stop the ongoing inhumane attacks against the innocent civilians in Palestine” and advocates for the opening of humanitarian corridors to facilitate the urgent delivery of medicines, food supplies, and basic needs to the Gaza Strip.

The Maldivian government’s stance is unequivocal in its commitment and support to the Palestinian people’s pursuit of their inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination. It concludes by emphasising that a lasting and sustainable resolution to the conflict can only be achieved through the establishment of “an independent and sovereign Palestinian State based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

By taking these steps and speaking out so strongly against Israel’s actions, the Maldives has reasserted its position as a strong advocate for peace and justice in the region. It stands as a stark contrast to the muted or supportive stances taken by many Western governments and signals a growing momentum for international solidarity around the Palestinian cause.