The Managing Director (MD) of Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL) Ahmed Mubeen has confirmed that there are 19 airports across the country in various stages of development.

According to the MD, various development works are currently being undertaken by the company—including in existing airports as well as new airports under construction—with a view to transform the nation’s economy.

RACL is also making major inroads towards connecting the nation via the airports to promote tourism in the country, Mubeen said.

The main purpose of undertaking such significant projects at the beginning of the term is to complete development as soon as possible, with the administration also working to empower the councils with a view towards addressing the people’s interest, RACL said. Under the guidance of Mubeen, many important projects are being completed at various airports across the country in line with the new administration’s vision, the company said.

As such a passenger terminal with modern facilities will be developed at Kulhudhuffushi Airport, with all necessary preparations already complete, the state-owned regional airports operator confirmed.

Upon the completion of the redevelopment masterplan for Kulhudhuffushi Airport, the tender process for selecting the contractor has been completed, with work now ready to begin, RACL revealed.

When complete, the terminal will have the capacity to handle two ATR 72 sized planes simultaneously and will have separate departure and arrival halls as well as cargo handling facilities, the company said.