The escalating tension between the Maldives and India, triggered by derogatory tweets from several high-ranking officials in the government of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, has led to widespread condemnation and a strong call for action across the nation.

The fallout from these insensitive tweets has now sparked a widespread boycott of Maldivian tourism by India, the country’s largest current inbound tourist market. This movement is being led by influential Bollywood superstars and Indian politicians.

The new government’s condemnation of these actions coincides with the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)-led parliament’s recent amendment of the standing orders, which facilitates easier impeachment of the President through a majority party vote.

In response to these developments, Ali Azim, Parliamentary Group Leader of The Democrats – a breakaway faction of the MDP – has questioned the MDP’s resolve to impeach President Muizzu.

In a post on social media platform X, Azim stated, “We, the Democrats, are dedicated to upholding the stability of the nation’s foreign policy and preventing the isolation of any neighboring country. Are you willing to take all necessary steps to remove President @MMuizzu from power? Is @MDPSecretariat prepared to initiate a vote of no confidence?”

The tweet, however, was not well-received by netizens, who accused the Democrats of launching a PR campaign a week ahead of the Male’ City mayoral by-election.

While the opposition MDP has not directly responded to Azim’s tweet, it has strongly condemned the actions of the government ministers.

MDP Chairman Fayyaz Ismail tweeted, “Dr @MMuizzu used India as a boogeyman to create an environment of intolerance and fear to win the Elections. His continuous racist stance is reflected in his government officials’ vitriol. Stop bashing a staunch ally and friend. You have achieved your objective; you are the President now.”

He also emphasised the urgency to “stop this madness not only jeopardising the Maldives economy and the well-being of its citizens but also the entire security and stability of the Indian Ocean.”

MDP Parliament Member Meekail Naseem has formally requested the Parliament to summon the Foreign Minister for questioning, following the government’s inaction and apparent lack of urgency regarding the derogatory remarks against PM Modi by its senior officials.