The Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources, working with Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO), the states fisheries company, has brought back three ice plants into rotation after the facilities had been in disrepair for an extended period of time. According to the agencies, the plants were brought back into operation to solve difficulties being faced by fishermen.

According to the ministry, the ice plants at Felivaru, Gemanafushi and Kolamaafushi, with a combined output capacity of 25 tonnes of ice, have been brought back into operation. MIFCO is currently also working to bring the Dhevvadhoo ice plant back into operation.

The ice plants, previously operated by MIFCO, across the country have been handed over to Fenaka Corporation, with the ministry noting that maintenance work on the plants had been neglected.

The administration is working to establish nine additional ice plants across the country with a view to solving the difficulties faced by fishermen, the ministry said. Ice plans will be established at;

Atoll (Abbreviation)Island
1Haa Alifu (HA)Dhihdhoo
2Alifu Alifu (AA)Naifaru
3Alifu Alifu (AA)Rasdhoo
4Meemu (M)Veyvah
5Dhaalu (Dh)Meedhoo
6Laamu (L)Maamendhoo
7Laamu (L)Maavah
8Gaafu Dhaalu (GDh)Rathafandhoo
9Gaafu Dhaalu (GDh)Fiyoaree

These include five Saudi-funded projects and four previous projects that were originally assigned to Fenaka in 2023 but terminated due to delays, the ministry said.

The ministry will facilitate the installation of around 200 Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems on boats to maintain catch quality and will provide easy access to bank loans for fishing boats for these opportunities, the agency said.