The Maldives Meteorological Service (Met Office) has warned that severe weather conditions are expected to sweep across the northern and central atolls over the next 48 hours. This advisory follows a period of relative calm.

On Monday afternoon, the Met Office issued a white alert from Haa Alifu, the northernmost atoll, down to Thaa Atoll in the central Maldives. By Monday evening, the severity of the conditions prompted the Met Office to extend the alert to include areas between Haa Alifu and Baa atolls. The updated advisory warned of wind speeds between 22 and 27 miles per hour, with gusts surging up to 50 miles per hour during showers. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, and rough sea conditions are also expected in the area.

The weather warnings are not limited to the central and northern atolls. The Met Office also forecasts that the southern atolls could experience similar severe weather patterns, with heavy rains persisting over the next two days.

Harsh weather is expected to continue through Wednesday, according to the forecast. Seafarers are advised to check the latest weather updates and evaluate conditions thoroughly before setting sail.