A resolution has been introduced by the Parliament member for Galolhu North Constituency, Eva Abdulla, challenging the constitutionality of reappointing ministers previously rejected by the parliament. 

The resolution, targeting the actions of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, contends that the reemployment of three ministers – Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Attorney General Ahmed Usham, and Housing Minister Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed – violates constitutional mandates.

The resolution emphasises that the reappointment of these ministers, who were denied parliamentary approval, undermines the parliament’s authority and its role in monitoring and holding the executive branch accountable. 

Abdulla, a member of The Democrats, argues that the constitution requires ministers to gain parliamentary approval before assuming their positions, and that the act of reinstating ministers without this approval contravenes this requirement.

The resolution further asserts that such actions by the president could erode public trust in the government and calls for adherence to constitutional procedures. The Democrats have previously described the reappointment as degrading to the constitution, while opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has sought legal counsel on the issue. 

In a press conference, MDP said Counsel General of the Parliament, Fathimath Filza, has reportedly indicated that the names of rejected ministers cannot be resubmitted for parliamentary approval a second time. The parliament though, has clarified this was not an official legal advice by the Counsel General.