President Mohamed Muizzu has affirmed the independence of the judiciary and emphasised his commitment to ensuring justice for former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, who is under house arrest serving an 11-year sentence on money laundering and bribery convictions that stemmed from the leasing of Aarah Island in Vaavu Atoll. 

This commitment was reiterated during President Muizzu’s visits to the southern atolls and in a gathering with the residents of Feydhoo, where he highlighted the operational autonomy of the judicial system free from government interference.

President Muizzu, who took office with a pledge among his campaign promises to secure Yameen’s release, stressed the importance of the rule of law and the principle that no individual should face discrimination under the constitution. Acknowledging the division among party leadership and supporters following Yameen’s incarceration and the formation of the People’s National Front (PNF) by Yameen, President Muizzu underscored his dedication to not using political power for retribution.

Amidst criticisms from Yameen’s supporters over the delay in his release, President Muizzu assured that the delay in justice for the former president does not contribute to national peace and stability. He firmly stated, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” and expressed hope for a swift trial and justice for Yameen, asserting that no one within the current administration would hinder this process.

The transfer of Yameen from prison to house arrest occurred shortly after President Muizzu’s election victory, a move that has since been a focal point of political discourse. Despite the ongoing discontent among Yameen’s supporters, the Muizzu administration continues to maintain its stance on non-interference with the judiciary, reinforcing the president’s vision for a forward-moving nation grounded in justice and the eradication of revenge politics.