President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has made his first batch of ambassadorial nominations, with veteran diplomats to helm key international missions. The nominations, announced at Monday’s parliament sitting, include Mohamed Hussain Shareef for UAE Ambassador, Iruthisham Adam for UK High Commissioner, and Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed as the Maldives’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Mohammed Hussain Shareef, appointed as ambassador-at-large at the foreign ministry on 19 November, boasts a diverse career spanning over two decades. His experience includes roles as Chief Government Spokesman, Presidential Spokesperson, and various ministerial positions, including Human Resources, Youth, and Sports, and at the President’s Office. Shareef also served as Maldives Ambassador to Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and the Russian Federation.

Iruthisham Adam, a veteran diplomt with previous postings in London, New York, and Geneva, has served as Youth and Health Minister under former President Abdulla Yameen. After a brief stint with the Jumhooree Party, she rejoined the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) post the September presidential election.

Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed, appointed as ambassador-at-large on 17 November, brings a rich background in foreign affairs. His career includes roles as Foreign Secretary, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and Ambassador to the United States and Canada. Naseer holds a PhD from the Australian National University and a Masters from the University of Leicester, UK.

The parliament will vote on these nominations after the foreign relations committee completes its review. These appointments come as part of President Muizzu’s strategy to realign Maldives’ diplomatic presence under his “pro-maldives” foreign policy, a shift that moves away from his predecessors’ neighborhood first policy.