The Criminal Court has remanded seven suspects arrested in connection with the assault on Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem, pending the conclusion of their trials.

In a statement, Police said that, as of now, seven Maldivian men have been arrested in relation to the attack, all during the ongoing investigation.

On 31 January, Shameem was attacked while parking his motorbike outside his home. The attack saw Shameem seek treatment at ADK Hospital for a broken left wrist and a crack in his left hip.

While seven individuals were arrested, police had earlier said that Prosecutor General Shameem was attacked by two masked men. The two suspects were apprehended the day after the attack and remanded in custody pending trial. During this time, the police revealed that their investigation had identified the attack as a deliberate and premeditated act.

The two alleged attackers who belonged to a Malé gang had changed the number plates on their motorbikes and were wearing helmets and masks to hide their faces, a source confirmed to local media at the time.