The Male’ City Council has announced a plan to neuter 1,000 stray cats in an effort to tackle feline overpopulation in the crowded capital Male’.

The Council will carry out the sterilisation process in a temporary three-month programme to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary suffering caused by overpopulation. The Council also held a General Meeting on April 26 to discuss the proposal. The proposal involves a temporary three-month programme to neuter stray cats.

According to Male’ Mayor Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the Council had previously sought a party to construct a cat facility in Vilimalé. Now, a party has expressed interest in the project. While the Council is waiting for the permanent facility to be built, which could take some time, they plan to retrofit a property in Fishermen’s Park.

The temporary facility will offer neutering, X-ray, and blood profiling services. The Council will tag each cat receiving treatment and add them to a database. The City Council has also allocated a budget of MVR 1.9 million for the initiative. This will cover the cost of setting up the establishment, veterinary equipment, and maintenance.

The facility will charge MVR 1,500 for the orchidectomy procedure, which includes aftercare services. Counsellor for North-Galolhu Sector, Mohamed Saif Fathih, explained that the previous facility in Villingili charged MVR 300 for orchidectomies. However, they did not provide aftercare services.

After the sterilisation process, the cats will remain in the Council’s care for 3-4 days to recover. They will receive food and medication during this period. The initiative aims to prevent the overpopulation of stray cats and reduce their suffering.