The ruling MDP has expelled Ali Azim, MP for Central Henveiru and former leader of the MDP parliamentary group. The decision followed his participation in meetings and press conferences organised by the opposition coalition. Azim has also signed a no-confidence motion against Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath.

The disciplinary action committee met on Wednesday and decided to expel Azim under Articles 19 and 20 of the party’s charter. The party has not officially announced the decision yet.

According to Article 19 of the rules, an MDP member shall leave the party if he joins or is active in another political party. Article 20 stipulates that any member who actively undermines the party’s interests may face expulsion.

Azim’s expulsion comes at a time when the MDP is facing internal politics and division after the presidential primary. Azim is a leading member of former president Mohamed Nasheed’s faction within the party.

The coalition, which Azim supports, is preparing to hold a massive rally on June 2. The rally aims to call for the ouster of President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih and the government.

The last time an MDP MP was expelled from the party was in 2016 when the then Vice-President of the Parliament Moosa Manik was expelled. However, he rejoined the party last year and pledged his support to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.