The main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is intensifying its preparations for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections. Key developments include potential alliances with Adhaalath Party and Jumhooree Party (JP), as well as the notable rejoining of former tourism minister Ali Waheed.

The MDP has entered discussions with Adhaalath Party, a long-standing coalition partner since 2015. Talks, confirmed on December 5, aim to field unified candidates in the election. Adhaalath Party, which had backed MDP in the 2023 presidential election, showed prior support in the 2019 parliamentary election but did not formalise a coalition. This history of cooperation, including endorsement of MDP candidates, sets a precedent for potential success in the 2024 elections.

Simultaneously, the MDP is exploring an alliance with the Jumhooree Party. A meeting held on Wednesday at the MDP office initiated talks to identify collaborative strategies for the upcoming elections, including a by-election for mayor and council members of Male’ City. Attendees included key figures from both parties, signalling a serious consideration of this partnership.

Adding to these strategic alliances, Ali Waheed, a prominent political figure, has rejoined MDP. His return to MDP after a seven-year hiatus and a brief tenure in Jumhooree Party is seen as a significant boost for the party. Despite unresolved controversies surrounding his dismissal from the tourism minister role in 2020, his political experience and prior successes, including being the youngest parliamentarian and a cabinet minister, are viewed as valuable assets for MDP’s election campaign.